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Friday, March 22, 2019

Youths from Magar community learning mother tongue

Baglung, March 22 : Efforts have been taken ahead for protecting Magar language which is on the verge of extinction. 

Targeting the young generation, the Badigad rural municipality in Baglung has run free of cost Magar language class. The village assembly has allocated Rs 2.5 million for language class in the current fiscal year. 

Currently 22 youths from Magar community are learning their mother tongue in the class that began last year. 

"I have come to attend the class thinking that indigenous culture should be protected", said Hira Ranamagar, a local of Ranasinghakiteni. "The learning from the class are productive". 

Ash Bahadur Thapamagar, language instructor, said the language classes are being run to teach 'Magar Dhut' which is generally spoken in the Gandaki State. 

"The participants are learning how to speak and write Magar language script", he said.(RSS)

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