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Friday, May 31, 2019

Employees' transfer and promotion to be done through scientific system: Minister Pandit

Kathmandu, May 31 : The government is to manage the transfer and promotion system of employees through a scientific process to render performance of the civil service fast and efficient.

Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Bbau Pandit announced this in the meeting of the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee under the Federal Parliament today. The meeting held clause-wise discussions on the bill designed for the formation, operation and conditions of service of the federal civil service.

Minister Pandit said the government has focused on the scientific management as it would be effective to evaluate the civil servants using a special type of software.

Stating that he has been carrying out home work regarding the rotation system and predictable transfer system from the beginning, he believed that the service would be fast and effective by using the software system for employee evaluation.

He stressed that the bill should have stringent provisions regarding making the employees accountable, saying the wrongdoer employees would not be protected and they would face punishment. 

Committee member Dilendra Prasad Badu stressed making the department chiefs responsible and making the transfer on the rotational basis. 

Pampha Bhusal drew he attention of the committee on the provision in the bill that mentions that the term of the secretary could be extended by two more years based on performance evaluation.

Nawaraj Silwal suggested engaging the federal civil employees in the lowest level as well.

Secretary at the Ministry, Yadav Prasad Koirala said the idea that the civil servants should not be made redundant was positive and suggested decreasing the number of days of redundancy from 60 to 15 or 30. He also shared that there were legal complications on promoting the lower level employees to higher level. 

After the committee members' and secretary's presentations, Minister Pandit said since all the contents of the bill were new, conclusion would be drawn after holding more discussions. 

He said that it would be wrong to take employees adjustment as transfer, adding the government was ready to manage the employees through their career development and transfer by removing complexities. The committee will next meet to discuss the bill on June 2.(RSS)

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