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Monday, May 6, 2019

Newborn ready for cremation found alive

Chitwan, May 6 : A newborn taken for cremation was taken back to hospital after the people attending the funeral procession found out the child alive. 

An unmarried woman of Hetauda in Makawanpur district bore the child at Chitwan Medical College on Sunday, and following birth, the family brought it to Devghat for cremation claiming that the child was dead, said the police. 

The police have arrested grandmother of the newborn in connection with the incident, and are investigating the matter, said Deputy Superintendent of Police Durga Raj Regmi. 

The police refused to disclose the name of the mother for security reason. The child is being treated at the hospital. The family of the child claimed that they took the child for cremation after doctors involved in its treatment said child's treatment was not possible.(RSS)

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