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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Socialism treats all equally: Communications Minister Baskota

Banepa, May 25 : Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota on Saturday said socialism is a system to treat all people equally. 

He also viewed that media, both big and small, should have rights to survive. He asked whether or not small media should get advertisements and whether or not workers should get salary. 

The minister was addressing the second anniversary of Dandapari Sandesh Weekly in Banepa on Saturday. He added media council bill was not against freedom of the press as discussed outside. The Minister said that the constitution has guaranteed the freedom of press therefore no one could curtail this right. 

Some forces were active to create illusion against the government but the maneuvering of such elements would not exist more. 

He symbolically argued that being a custodian or watchman was better rather than being involved in robbery. On another note, he said his identity was clear and transparent adding he had secured second largest vote in the past election. 

Minister Banskota argued that he never thought about corruption and defrauding taxes. However, he was only thinking to translate the commitments made before the people during the election into actions. 

Also present on the occasion were, state lawmakers, member of Press Council, media persons among other local leaders.(RSS)

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