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Monday, May 20, 2019

'Sunflower' attraction in Bulbule

Birendranagar, May 20 : The blossoming yellow flower in the surround of Bulbule Lake captivates anyone who reaches there. Blooming sunflowers silhouetted against the lake coupled with floating boats has enriched the aesthetic beauty of the area. The ambience prompted anyone reaching there to capture the scene. These days there is continuous in-flow of people to enjoy the panorama of the lake. 

People are seen taking selfie and group photos there. Some are found enjoying the unique scenic beauty being unleashed by sunflowers. 

This is the description of a sunflower farming nearby Bulbule Park in Surkhet. The farming which was being cultivated by four youths on joint venture has become a centre of attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. "In average daily 150 tourists visit the sunflower farming. The number reaches around 300 in Saturday", said Kapil Adhikari, one among those involved in sunflower farming. 

"Those visiting the Bulbule Lake also come here to enjoy the ambience", he said, adding that they have commercially cultivated sunflower in six kaththa land. 

Each visitor is required to pay Rs 10 for taking snapshots with sunflower in the farm.(RSS)

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