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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Chairman Dahal urges Biplab group to join mainstream politics

Kathmandu, June 2 : Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda', has urged various communist splinters to join the mainstream NCP. Even the Biplab-led group needs to join NCP for country's prosperity and socialism, the Chairman stressed.

Chairman Dahal was welcoming the politburo member of Biplab-led Communist Party of Nepal, Padam Rai, at party office Dhumrabarahi today. He argued that the course Biplab has adopted would direct nowhere, so it was imperative for him to join mainstream politics. "I, without any condition and bias, request my friends to join mainstream politics. Let's discuss the matter, review past and present, country affairs and unfolding international situation and fulfill people's expectations. Let's give a message of socialist movement to the world. It is a historic need indeed." 

According to Chairman Dahal, the movement waged for over a decade has earned popularity to Nepal's communist movement resulting in present leadership of the government. People have huge trust on it. So, the campaign for good governance and prosperity must be made successful. The system ensuring social justice is being prepared. He further stressed the need to foil the reactionary forces. "The series of return of former leaders to the main party does not end," he hoped.

He also asserted that the government's programmes are budget have focused socialism, which would pay heed to low level and oppressed people. 

Chairman Dahal vowed to entrust Rai with appropriate responsibility, acknowledging the sacrifices and contributions he made. According to him, Rai returning to the mainstream and joining the strongest leftist party was the right decision made on the right time as he realized that no positive changes could be achieved in nation through violence.

Buoyed Dahal admitted that earlier he used to worry about Padam Rai and his friends while he was away from the party. Rai, who has already served as a State Minister for Physical Infrastructures and Transport, was elected Constituent Assembly (CA) member from Bhojpur constituency no 1 in first CA election in 2008. 

Rai was welcomed into the party by NCP Chairman Dahal along with NCP Secretariat and Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa 'Badal', and Secretary-General Bishnu Poudel, among others. 

Rai admitted that he had joined the Biplab-led party, believing they would bring some positive changes in the country but he renounced it as, in reality, he found that the party was waging violent activities lately which could leave the people high and dry and afflict country much. 

He also shared that he had taken the lead to hold a dialogue with government when he was in the Biplab-led party but no such efforts yielded any positive outcomes. Furthermore, he chose the path to peace for social transformation rather than wrecking vengeance resorting to violent activities. 

He pledged to contribute his bit to help realize the government’s motto of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ now onwards.(RSS)

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