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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

NCP chair Dahal blames 'old state structure' for not being able to work to desired extent

Chitwan, June 12 : Nepal Communist Party (NCP) chairman and former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ' Prachanda' has said it has been difficult to work due to the 'old state structure'. 

He said so while addressing to the Achyut Memorial National Talent Award 2076 Presentation Ceremony otganized by the Achyut Raj Subedi Memorial Foundation here today. 

The major ruling party chairman said that although a government of new leadership has come with the strength of the people's movement, it was difficult to carry out the desired works due to the old state structure. 

"The school that had started when the kings were autocratic in the past has not dismantled. It is the same school- the school of state structure. What was during the Panchayat is the same running in that school," he said referring to the old mindset from the time of monarchy still prevalent in various sectors of the country.

He said that the laws were the same (as during the Panchayat period), adding that although the Acts and Regulations have been changed the thinking and the style of working was the same. 

Stating that there was an unseen struggle between the political leadership and the state structure operating in the traditional style after the political change in the country, he warned that the country would meet a big accident if the political leadership did not win this battle. 

"People have big expectation from the government having a two-thirds majority support. Although the government is moving towards that direction, it was becoming hard for it to get success. Maybe, we have not been able to address the people's aspirations from the level of height and depth that it should have been addressed. However, the efforts are continued although they may not be adequate. People have sought more dedication and efforts from us," the NCP chair said. 

He insisted that Nepal should be made prosperous country by connecting the two neighbouring countries. He said there was a lot of potential for Nepal's rapid development.

Achyut Raj Subedi, a resident of Banke, was killed in the Gorkha earthquake in April 2015. He was the son of former deputy speaker Purna Kumari Subedi.

On the occasion, Dahal paid tribute to all those killed in the Gorkha earthquake including Achyut. He recalled that the same earthquake also helped in the making of the constitution.

NCP leader Surendra Pandey underscored the need for the entire party to be united for achieving prosperity for the country. He urged the party leadership to finalizethe party unification works at the earliest for this.

The National Talent Award 2076 was presented to Om Salami Magar of the Armed Police Force (APF)'s Disaster Management Training Academy, Kurintar. The award carries a purse of Rs 25,000 and a copper plaque with citation. 

Similarly, senior gynecologist Dr Sarada Ranabhat was conferred with the Personality of the Year Award 2076.(RSS)

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