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Sunday, June 2, 2019

No electricity in Darchula for two days

Darchula, June 2 : Electricity supply in Darchula district has been disrupted after it was linked to the national transmission line.

From the Chameliya hydropower, 11 KV transmission line was connected to the national grid 15 days back. The people in the entire district are bound to live in darkness for two days. Earlier, 800 KW electricity imported from India was curtailed after the connection to the national grid. 

Nepal Electricity Authority employee in the district, Minraj Pant, however, said employees were sent to the concerned area for repair. However, it would take time, he added.

Pant further informed that the NEA had identified fault at Shailyashikar municipality.

With the disruption of electricity, the people in the district are visiting neigbouring country even for charging the mobile phones, said a local from Khalanga, Mangal Singh Hyaki.

The FM radios and television are shut down during the day.(RSS)

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