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Sunday, June 2, 2019

No immediate change in government: Minister Banskota

Sindhuli, June 2 : Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Gokul Prasad Banskota, has ruled out the possibility of immediate change of government. Speaking at a press meet organised by the Press Organisation Nepal, Sindhuli chapter at Sindhulimadhi, the minister urged the mass not to run after the rumour of government change. 

On a different note, he claimed that the budget for the coming fiscal year would bring quality improvement in people's living standard. The minister from the ruling Nepal Communist Party of (NCP) went on to say that concepts of short-term and long-term development plans had been presented, basing on the leftist election manifesto. "The budget has prepared a policy of fast economic development with social justice and created a foundation for socialism-oriented economy. The government is determined to take the country towards an advanced socialism through the development of national capital through the means of self-sufficient economy." 

He was hopeful that the incumbent government would help in the infrastructure development sector, which would function as a backbone for the nation to prosper. According to him, Nepal would be transformed into a middle-income country by 2030 AD.

Stating that the budget had been allocated to several infrastructure projects including the Postal Highway and Sunkoshi-Marin Diversion, he unveiled the preparations for declaring 70 districts the 'literate zone' within the next fiscal year. 

"The government has placed emphasis on production with the realisation that it is a must for strong base of economy and it will bring improvement in national economy." The development of transport sector--road, railway and via water--was the priority of the government, he added.

As he said, the budget is not of a distributive one as rumoured by the opposition due to increase in social security scheme and so on. The Communications and Information Technology Minister said confidently that the Media Council Bill was brought for the welfare of journalists and it had provisions for guarantee of wages of working journalists and control over anarchy. "The NCP leadership is fully devoted to the welfare of citizen and party's both chairs are equally competent to handle the government," he underscored.(RSS)

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