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Monday, June 3, 2019

Ruling and opposition trade words over budget

Kathmandu, June 3 : Deliberations on the policy, objective and principals of the fiscal year 2019/20 budget estimates began at the House of Representatives today. The budget was presented by the Finance Minister at the joint session of the federal parliament on May 29.

In the discussion, the ruling party MPs pointed out the positive aspects of the budget while the opposition party MPs raised negative points of the same. The ruling party side claimed that the budget allocated for health, education and agriculture shows that the country was heading towards socialism. Grant in fertilizer, attracting landless people towards farming, increase in social security allowance for the elderly and new mothers, granting ownership to the backward groups, madhesi women, differently able and landless settlers are good sides of the budget, they said.

On the other hand, opposition party MPs claimed that the budget was distributive and with increased budget deficit and does not attract self-employment programmes. Large area of land remain barren but budget has been allocated for rooftop farming.

Some MPs also called for proper coordination among the three tiers of government for effective enforcement of the budget.

Deliberations over the annual revenue and expenditure estimates are still underway in the house.(RSS)

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