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Monday, June 3, 2019

Voices raised for peaceful, clean Thamel

Kathmandu, June 3 : Speakers at a programme have stressed the need of wiping out anomalies at Thamel, major tourist destination in the country.

Security persons said the business done at night should not encourage anomalies and wrongdoing at Thamel. Senior Superintendent of Police, who is the chief of Kathmandu Metropolitan Premise, Uttam Raj Subedi, said the activities in Thamel should be made peaceful and civilized to make Visit Nepal Year 2020 successful. 

"Registration for business, proper wage to employees, installation of CCTVs, lamps, and control of sexual violence make Thamel clean and well managed," he argued.

Similarly, Assistant Chief District Officer in Kathmandu, Gaulochan Sainju, said the hotel business must be managed and respected. The local administration has full support and assistance to the fair business, he added. 

Chairperson of Ward No 16 of Kathmandu metropolis, Mukunda Rijal, said if the authority for security arrangement was given to police person and local level, it would be more effective. 

Police Chief at Metropolitan Police Circle, Lainchaur, Gautam Kumar KC, police would emerge tough to end child labour and sexual exploitation.(RSS)

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