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Monday, July 1, 2019

Decision of Judicial Committee should be fair and impartial – Minister Thapa

Biratnagar, 1 July  : Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen, Thama Maya Thapa has said the verdict given by the judicial committee of the local level, which is directly related to the people, should be fair and impartial.

The Minister said this while addressing a workshop on practical exercise on justice adjudication for office-bearers of the local level judicial committee of Morang and Sunsari districts. The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen. 

She hoped that the workshop will help make the judicial committee more efficient and responsible. The Minister also called on the local level judicial committees to work effectively for doing away with the discrimination towards the women, children, senior citizens and the disabled people in society.

"The judicial committees should play a leading role in social change and in empowering the women," Minister Thapa stressed.

State 1 government minister for internal affairs and law, Hikmat Kumar Karki said the workshop seminar would help bring uniformity in the adjudications of the local level judicial committees. He cautioned that the verdicts of the judicial committee comprising of people with political orientation should be based on evidence.

Ministry secretary Chandra Kumar Ghimire underscored the need of making the justice system that affects the life and dealings of people effective and efficient.

Chief secretary of State 1 government Suresh Kumar Adhikari said the decisions, hearing and reconciliation that is done by the judicial committees at the local level is the beautiful aspect of federalism. 

Ministry joint-secretary Rudra Devi Sharma and Biratnagar Metropolitan City mayor Bhim Parajuli spoke on the objective of the workshop and enhancing the capacity of the local level judicial committees respectively.(RSS)

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