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Monday, July 22, 2019

Disaster-induced toll reaches 195

Kathmandu, July 22 (RSS): Death toll from disaster in the country has so far reached 195. In the 1,525 incidents of floods, landslides, fire, storm etc, 195 lives have been lost, according to the Home Ministry Disaster Preparedness and Response Unit.

The number is likely to rise further as detail report from some districts of the Tarai is yet to be received, said Head of the Unit, Bednidhi Khanal. Of the deceased, 55 died in floods, 44 from lightning, 34 from landslide, 13 in incidents of fire, 13 due to high-altitude sickness, nine from wild animal attack, seven due to heavy downpour, six from snake bite and three from air crash and three from other reasons. 

Likewise, 35 people are missing while 488 were injured. The incidents have caused a loss of around Rs. 2.68 billion. The highest amount of property worth Rs 1.53 billion was damaged by fire. Similarly, flood damaged property worth Rs 1.05 billion, Rs 65.5 million property was damaged by storm and Rs 17.8 million by landslides. Joint-Secretary Khanal said that 12,990 households have been affected from disaster. The highest 10,697 households have been affected from storm. Likewise, 1,056 households have been affected from fire, 699 from flood, 207 from lightning, 158 from landslide, 18 from high-altitude, 75 from animal menace and 50 from heavy rainfall. One thousand and 264 houses suffered partial damages and 729 complete damages from disaster. Around 90 people lost their lives due to incessant rainfall that occurred few days ago.

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