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Monday, July 1, 2019

Kathmandu’s garbage dumping in Sisdol sresumes

Kathmandu, 1 July  : After a weeklong obstruction by Sisdol folks, garbage dumping in the landfill at Sisdol in Nuwakot has resumed as the Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s team held a talk with the irate Sisdol folks Sunday evening.

The locals in Sisdol had not allowed the waste to be dumped in this landfill stretching across 42 ropanis putting forth various demands, one among them being the landfill should be acquired by either KMC or government. The KMC had formed a 13-member team chaired by KMC ward no 4 chairman Bikash Dangol to resolve the issues of Sisdol. The team comprises chief of the KMC’s Environment Department, stakeholders and locals. In the meeting held Sunday evening, KMC agreed to identify the issues and seek solutions for the Sisdol landfill site within two weeks. 

Locals have also demanded with KMC to take into account the adverse effects on human health emanated from the garbage while addressing their demands, according to KMC Spokesperson Ishworman Dangol. 

“The Committee will submit its report within 15 days,” informed Spokesperson Dangol, adding “Solutions will be drawn according to that report.”

KMC had started dumping Kathmandu’s garbage in Sisdol for two years 13 years ago. In lack of alternative dumping site, KMC has been dumping trashes –as many as 500 metric tonnes –every day in Sisdol although it has reached its capacity to store wastages. KMC, however, is building another landfill site at Banchare Danda as an alternative.(RSS)

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