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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Low pressure system near Nepal: Rain forecast throughout country

Kathmandu, July 10 (RSS): Rain is occurring throughout the country today due to the arrival of the monsoon low pressure system near the southern border.

The Meteorological Forecasting Division has said there are chances of moderate to heavy rainfall occurring all over the country in the next two to three days.

Issuing a notice today, the Division said some places of the country will witness heavy rain while one or two places will also receive torrential rain during this period.

Meteorologist Raju Pradhananga said this trend will continue especially today and tomorrow. "The rainfall will not be continuous but will stop for some time and start again," Pradhananga added.

Similarly, the weather will remain cloudy throughout the country on Friday and some places in the western part and many places of the central and eastern parts will receive rainfall with chances of heavy rain in one or two places. 

As per the latest weather data provided by the Division, Kathmandu Valley received 20 millimetres rainfall today. Similarly, Pokhara received 13 millimetres, Simara 34 millimetres, Birendranagar five millimeters, Dipayal 10 millimetres, Dang 21 millimetres and Nepalgunj 13 millimetres rainfall today. 

Meanwhile, the Flood Forecasting Division has stated that there is possibility of flash flood in the small and medium level streams and rivers in State 1, 2 and 3 today. Similarly, there is high possibility of sudden water flow in the small rivers flowing through the Chure and hilly region and the rivers flowing through mountainous region of Karnali state.

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