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Monday, November 11, 2019

Helpless people free Biratnagar campaign kicks off

Biratnagar, Nov 11 (RSS) : Rescue of the helpless people surviving neglected life has begun in Biratnagar. As part of the campaign for helpless street people free town, Biratnagar Metropolis has initiated search and rescue campaign of street-based ignored people. With his, the people rampantly living on the road side and narrowed passage of the town are getting new life. 

Some eight helpless have been already rescued and accommodated at the Ashram, recently established with the financial assistance of Biratnagar Metropolis, said Ramjee Adhikari, Chairperson of the Ashram. 

The Biratnagar Metropolis has kicked off a campaign to rescue helpless people and arrange them with food, clothe and shelter. Bhim Parajuli, Biratnagar Mayor, announced to make the city freed from street-based helpless people by mid December. 

"It gives me an immense pleasure to rescue the helpless people and give them a new lease of life. This is so far the greatest human service I ever did in my life", mayor Parajuli further said. 

A team led by mayor Parajuli with deputy mayor Indira Karki, Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) Bed Prasad Gautam is rescuing such people from street and handing over to the Ashram in Biratnagar.

The Ashram has the capacity to accommodate 100 helpless people, said Chairperson Adhikari, adding the metropolis has pledged to construct a spacious building to manage the helpless people.

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