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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Individuals misbehaving with health professionals to face music

Kathmandu, Aug 30 : Chief District Officer (CDO) of Kathmandu district Janak Raj Dahal has vowed to take actions against those misbehaving with the health professionals in this critical time of pandemic. 

Speaking in a virtual discussions organized by the Working Women Journalists (WWJ) on Sunday, CDO Dahal said that the administration will book the culprits at any cost. 

He added that the administration was receiving reports on such inhuman incidents carried out against health professionals and added that such wrongdoers would be punished. 

Dahal further said that he was ready to manage essential health equipment to COVID-19 victims, families and health workers since it was the responsibility of the state. 

WWJ Chairwoman Ambika Rajthala stated that the programme was organized to create working environment to health workers in the critical hours.(RSS)

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